Christopher M. Jupp: Designer & Metalsmith


Creating extraordinary custom jewelry for more than 30 years, Christopher M. Jupp blends his love of fine gemstones with his knowledge and creative talent to design, engineer and handcraft jewelry that not only suits an individual but brings their desires into reality.

Hosting Gemstone Roundtable events to give clients the opportunity to see, touch, learn about and choose fine gemstones from around the world then meeting with them to create a wonderful setting for their gemstone find shares Christopher’s broad knowledge of gemstones and the jewelry world.

He oversees the design and production of a jewelry line in his studio and store in Champaign, Illinois.  His focus is one of a kind custom design.  Working one on one with clients in store and online he facilitates designs specific to the individual’s interests, style and desires. Taking the detailed drawing to his studio to sculpt and craft the final piece.

Christopher’s love or working with each client one on one makes him a rare designer in the jewelry industry. He is a true artist and a skilled craftsman.

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