Gemstone Superstars

Carving gems is an act of transformational magic. It is so magical, that after decades in the studio, it still amazes Sherris Cottier Shank that simple carving and polishing can release such astonishing beauty. Sherris discovered gem carving in an article written by Henry Hunt for Metalsmith magazine, while working as a goldsmith in a [...]

A professional opal cutter, buying rough on the opal fields for over 30 years, Dennis has experience cutting a wide variety of opal material to maximize its innate beauty and display its exciting array of colors. Opals. Of all God's creations they are the most amazing stones created. Opals In variety, in colors, in patterns, [...]

Since 1981, Roger's passion for fine colored gemstones has taken him around the world visiting mining and gem markets in India, Sri Lanka, South America, Southeast Asia, and throughout Africa including Madagascar. Intrigued by the various cutting styles, Roger turned his attention to precision faceting and gemstone design. He developed various techniques to recreate looks [...]

Hand facetor of all types of colored gemstones. Jerry specializes in rare, colored and precious gemstones from around the world, offering a huge variety of colors, shapes, sizes, cuts and qualities all ready to be set into a new custom designed piece of heirloom jewelry.

"A gemstone is an emotional symbol of love, self, and success. Because it represents matters of the heart, it should speak to the heart. A gemstone should be crafted to the highest standards to radiate its own unique beauty and personality from within." Richard is a singularly focused artist and one of the rare individuals [...]

Betty Sue King is regarded as the Pearl Goddess. Should you be searching for the exotic, the extraordinary, or the unique in cultured pearls & more, she can provide it with consummate style. Betty Sue works closely with designers, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers who create innovative and unique jewelry with pearls and gemstones. She travels [...]

We consider Penny our Gemstone Goddess. She searches the world looking for pearls, gemstones, and gemstone carvings all of which hold a special place in her heart. Penny Nisenbaum specializes in finding pearls and gemstones that are unusual and unique. Her major clients are artisan jewelers who are always looking for rare and one of [...]